My approach

I combine my knowledge and experience about leadership, storytelling, coaching and intuition. It’s both about your heart and your brain working together to make your dreams come true. To make you the person you want to be right now. You may step into the unknown and fly high with me, but I will make sure your feet are steadily and safely on the ground. To find out where you are at, we should meet and after your first session you can decide, do you want to continue to group coaching or individual coaching.  The prize of 1st session is included to your package, but if you decide not to continue, it’s billed separately (200€/75min). All coaching and materials can be done both in Finnish and English.

Individual coaching

3 months package 

This suites best for you who have a serious intention to change your life and/or business big time. Personally you have reached a point that you can not continue like this anymore. Professionally you might be in a “golden cage” in a career, or leading a successful company that doesn’t satisfy you anymore. What’s next? The pain to change has got so big that you feel it burns you inside and you need to find a way out. I can help you to find the way out and also help you to close the door gently behind you so you don’t slip back to the old.

  • Total 12 meetings
    • Every two weeks 75 min face to face meetings (this can also be through Skype if you live outside of Helsinki)
    • In between face to face Skype check in meetings
    • Individually designed homework
    • Email communications and support
  • Includes
    • Brutal but warmhearted reality check where you are at right now
    • Finding out who you are and why you are here
    • Goal setting based on your heart and calling
    • Food for your brains: effective coaching tools and reading materials
    • Step to unknown: intuitive guidance
    • Holistic path to self development: both personal and business coaching

Book your first session or contact for more info:
Reetta +358505741841

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Group coaching

6 weeks group coaching package 

This suites best for you who need a group support to tune in to a new way of living or reach your dream and goals. You want to meet other people, hear their stories and not only be coached but also learn how to coach others. This course gives you tools and materials you can use not only in your own life, but help your team, friends, spouses or family members to find a path to their dreams.

  • Total 6 meetings
    • 4 group meetings
    • 2 individual meetings (Skype or face to face)
    • Weekly email with materials and homework
  • Includes
    • Weekly meetings
    • 6 weeks course designed for this groups needs (all groups will have slightly different content based on the info I get from the 1st sessions)
    • Effective coaching tools and reading materials
    • Intuitive guidance
    • Both personal and business coaching
  • Next group starting when the minimum number of participants (5) have signed in (exact dates will be agreed with the group) and all participants have had their 1st individual meeting.
  • You can also collect a group with your friends or colleagues and I can design a group coaching course for your needs.
  • Companies with a big desire to build business though bringing deeper meaning to their work and the world, please apply.

Book your first session or contact for more info:
Reetta +358505741841

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Other services

I work also as drum meditation instructor and I am specialising in rituals for women’s life cycle. If you wish to have a ritual to your bride sauna, hen’s party, team building events or other special events with drumming and other rituals, please contact for further info and I will design a unforgettable moment for you!

Reetta +358505741841


> Read what my clients have experienced