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Power Animals United proudly presents: Back to Nature (Metsien kätkemä in Finland)

Back To Nature tv show teaser from Power Animals United on Vimeo.

Back to Nature is a travel series and format combining outdoor adventure with mythology and storytelling. Extraordinary cinematography bring a relaxed magic to messages about the value of connecting with our natural world. Two hosts, a professional explorer and a modern mythologist take audiences to some of the most astounding and accessible locations in Nordic nature.

Season one travels cover 8 regions and 24 locations in Finland. We experience natural beauty, explore mythology and ancient wisdom, and meet people, who by sharing their own journeys back to nature deepen our relationship with Mother Earth.

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Genre: Nature lifestyle
Target: Family
Premier: Season 1 primetime premiere June 14, 2016
Channel: Finland’s largest national FTA channel Yle TV1
Production: Power Animals United, Retkipaikka, Flatlight Creative House