Invitation: Join The Year of The Moon!

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Ancient cultures and indigenous people lived close to nature, making offerings, creating rituals and scheduled everyday chores with the rhythm of nature in mind. The Sun was a clock for our ancestors, the Moon a calendar, and the Sky with its star formations a map. Moreover a map both for navigation and telling and remembering the stories of our origins, ancient Gods and ancestors.

We, urban children, on the other hand, follow rather different rhythms, and often ones that are quite far from nature. Our cities live rhythms much more homogenous, often with little regard for it being winter or summer. Inside our urban homes, ventilated transport, and office spaces – where most of us spend most of our lifetime – it’s sometimes hard to tell if its spring or fall, or even night or day. Light pollution, built environments and lack of green spaces gives us very few opportunities to experience the nature that surrounds us; smell the scents of the season, or see which plants are blooming, or which animals active right now, or what phase of the Moon is tonight.

We all know in our hearts that the amount of light, the temperature of the outside air, or the moment of menstrual cycle for women affects our bodies, minds and energy levels. And, by the way – cycles of light affect our fertility, too. Women used to menstruate during the New Moon, when it’s the darkest, and ovulate during the Full Moon!

Nowadays we mostly ignore all this and try to go on like machines, every day, week after week, month after month.

We have forgotten that we are part of the nature and its cycles, the basic universal laws of the Earth circling the Sun, the Moon circling the Earth, and the whole solar system spinning in the galaxy of the beautiful Milky Way. A strip of soft stunning light which very few of us are able to see nowadays because of the light pollution in the cities where we live.

I personally want to spend this year closer to the nature. Learn from my ancestors and from nature, slow down and rest when the nature is resting around me, renew myself when the nature is supporting that process, find and create rites and rituals that support my personal growth and my understanding of Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon, and the world which is our home.

I will call this year “The Year of the Moon”, and I invite you to follow, and share my experiences, learnings and practices. I hope, at the end of the year, I have learned more about myself, the rhythm of the nature, and understood a universal truth or two about the cycles of life.

I will use my knowledge as storyteller, coach, and as a student of Finnish shamanistic practices and nature wisdom to guide us to a deeper and more meaningful year. You are welcome to use the tools I share, or just follow my story.

Thank you! <3