April – The Moon of Love and New Openings

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Our April full moon ritual is all about leaving the last bits of the winter stiffness behind and opening your heart for the Summer. In Roman times April was sacred to Venus, the Goddess of love. In Finland, one of the old names for the moon was “kiimakuu”, the “month of heat”, which referred to grouse and other birds’ mating time. It’s also a bit of a playful period – starting on April Fools Day, and ending with the celebration of the 1st of May. So be playful and shake of Winter! My dear Sister, Crista, joined me for this video and guides us through some practical yoga poses to open your chest and heart. <3


I will call this year “The Year of the Moon”, and I invite you to follow, and share my experiences, learnings and practices. I hope, at the end of the year, I have learned more about myself, the rhythm of the nature, and understood a universal truth or two about the cycles of life.

I will use my knowledge as storyteller, coach, and as a student of Finnish shamanistic practices and nature wisdom to guide us to a deeper and more meaningful year. You are welcome to use the tools I share, or just follow my story.