Midsummer Full Moon is Full of Magic

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There’s so much magic in the air it’s even hard to talk about it. For ancient Finns, this was the time to celebrate light, fertility and Ukko the God of Thunder and Weather. During the Summer Solstice they built big bonfires and raised a glass to Ukko. It was also the best time of the year to make love spells and find your spouse.

The English name of the month, June, comes from latin Goddes Juno. She was the wife of Jupiter and Goddess of marriage and childbirth. So, there’s definitely love in the air during this Full Moon!

In Finland this summer has been hot and dry, so it’s really time to focus on calling Ukko and his powers. Nature desperately needs water to keep the plants growing and animals alive. With today’s Full Moon energies I hope we all can take our shoes off, surrender under the Sky and dance for the rain. Water is the base of all life on this planet.

Also, if you are planning to have a baby, remember to stay close to water: drink lots of it, swim in the lake, dip your feet in the Ocean, walk by the river. Let it cool down the extra heat in you, water your soul and rinse away the unneeded feelings. Dance, move your body – it makes your body liquids flow! And maybe, give a little offering to Ukko or Juno – they may hear your wish. ❤️

Happy Midsummer Full Moon!