Happy Winter Solstice and Full Moon – time to wrap the year 2018

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Today is a magical day: Winter Solstice, Full Moon and the peak of the Ursid meteor shower will all occur during the same day. It’s a good day to burn the old away, give thanks for the past year and raise a glass for return of the Sun and lengthening days here in the Northern Hemisphere! <3 

For me, it’s also a good day to write a short summary of the past year.

I have to say that this year have been not easy but at the same time it has been very fulfilling and rich. I started the year with a strong connection with Mother Nature and a will to follow the Sky and learn more about the Moon and its effects to me. I spent the first 8 months of the year writing and filming the 2nd season of my TV show, Back to Nature and traveling to beautiful locations of my country.

In the summer, I spent most of my free time in the nature in a beautiful old house in Finnish country side in “Tarula” (in translation “Saga/Story-ville”). That place was my saviour – I feel I was emotionally really tired and also professionally in a place where I didn’t know where to go next. Spending most of my Summer in the nature with my family gave me some space to focus on the basics and be healed by the nature surrounding us.

I got some new friends, like the old crane couple (and at the end of the Summer their offspring). They flew every morning above our house and their sounds made me feel happy and connected. I often admired them walking slowly with their long legs in the foggy morning fields.

In the late summer it was magical to enjoy sauna and outdoor hot bath under the starry sky. It was so silent we could hear the bats wings flapping around us when they were hunting insects. The Fall was dry but still very good for mushrooms: the forest behind our house was filled with huge porcini!

Sauna led me again deeper into my roots and brought me together with other wise women: we heard many touching stories in Sauna Sisters events during the year.

The Fall took us back to Spring: we travelled to Australia and New Zealand – to the Southern Hemisphere for the first time in my life – to connect with local nature and people, who are working to make local versions of Back to Nature in their countries, tell the stories of their land, and share the wisdom of indigenous Aboriginal and Maori people.

The rest of the year I have been taking break from my own creative projects and instead been helping people and companies who are making the world a better place. At the moment I work at Gutsy Animations with international launch of the new Moominvalley animated series, which brings deeply wonderful values and philosophical thinking in a fun and creative package.

Who knows where the next year takes me, but at the moment I’m really happy where I am right now. One thing I have learned this year is that there’s no rush – good things happen on their own pace. Sometimes it’s just ok to be and enjoy the time and things we have right now. Creating space to your life by just being also opens doors that you would have not seen when rushing too fast to your next goal.

I want to send my gratitude to the whole Universe, all the people I have worked with this year, and to my wonderful animal and human friends and family who have supported me in highs and lows. And especially to Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon for guiding me again another year around The Sun.

With these words, I wish you gracious Winter Solstice, magical Full Moon, and lots of peace and compassion for the upcoming year 2019.