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My approach

I bring together my wealth of knowledge and experience in leadership, storytelling, coaching, and intuition to support you on your journey. It’s a holistic approach that honors both your heart and your mind, working in tandem to realize your aspirations and shape the person you aspire to become. As we embark on this journey together, you may find yourself venturing into unfamiliar territory, but I’ll be there every step of the way, ensuring you remain grounded and secure. All coaching sessions and materials are available in both Finnish and English, catering to your preferences and needs.

Individual coaching – 3 months package 

This is tailored for those with a deep-seated desire to enact significant change in their lives and/or businesses. Personally, you’ve reached a pivotal moment where the current path is no longer sustainable. Professionally, you may find yourself in a “golden cage” of career success or leading a thriving company that fails to fulfill you. What’s the next step? Perhaps you harbor a long-held dream or project that yearns to be realized. The ache for change has become so pronounced that it feels like a burning ember inside, compelling you to seek a way out. I’m here to guide you toward that next step and ensure that you can gracefully close the door behind you, preventing any temptation to revert to the old ways.

Total 6 meetings

Every two weeks 75 min meetings (online or face to face)
Individually designed homework
Email communications and support


– Brutal but warmhearted reality check where you are at right now
– Finding out who you are and why you are here
– Goal setting based on your heart and calling
– Food for your brains: effective coaching tools and reading materials
– Step to unknown: intuitive guidance
– Holistic path to self development: both personal and business coaching

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Group coaching – 6 weeks group coaching package 

This program is ideal for those seeking group support to align with a fresh way of living or to achieve their dreams and goals. You’re eager to connect with others, to listen to their stories, and to not only receive coaching but also to learn how to coach others. This course equips you with tools and resources that extend beyond your personal journey, empowering you to assist your team, friends, spouses, or family members in discovering their own paths to fulfillment.

Total 6 meetings

4 group meetings
2 individual meetings (online or face to face)
Weekly email with materials and homework


– Weekly meetings
– 6 weeks course designed for this groups needs (all groups will have slightly different content based on the info I get from the 1st sessions)
– Effective coaching tools and reading materials
– Intuitive guidance
– Both personal and business coaching

The next group will start once the minimum number of participants (5) have enrolled (exact dates will be coordinated with the group) and all participants have had their initial individual meetings. Additionally, you have the option to assemble a group with your friends or colleagues, and I can tailor a group coaching program to suit your specific requirements.

Companies with a strong aspiration to enhance their business by infusing deeper significance into their work and the world are encouraged to apply.

Book your first session or contact for more info:

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I have had a wonderful chance to receive Reetta’s coaching as a writer, producer and tv-host. Reetta is a highly professional, kind, demanding, solution-focused and soulful mentor and coach. Although I have had a few good coaching experiences during my professional career I have no patience for trendy ”life coaches” and their empty words. Reetta is something different. She helps, encourages and asks the right questions. Reetta is open minded, positive and intelligent woman, whose words, tools and keys would do good for anybody.

Jenni Pääskysaari
TV host, writer & producer

Reetta is Urban Shaman; a rare talent with horizontal understanding on co-creativity, digital storytelling, budgeting and how to get things done. On top of her broad skill set, Reetta brings magic and warmth.

Risto Kuulasmaa
Executive Coach, TV Producer and Author

Reetta sees things that the rest of us aren’t able to see. She has been an invaluable help to us at Rabbit Films.

Jarno Laasala

Ex-Partner, Dudeson & Ex-Chairman of the Board / Rabbit Films