Back to Nature Finland -book

We are proud to present the brand new English version of the sold-out book of the Finnish Back to Nature (Metsien kätkemä) story. Translator Tero Vaaja and editor Erica Mena brought the stories truly alive and the totally new layout with 288 pages filled with stories, photos and illustrations takes you to the wonderful scenes and stories of Finnish nature.

Back to Nature Finland takes you on a journey through Finland, its most beautiful landscapes, and their stories and mythology. Learn the secrets of the Archipelago Sea, discover Lohja’s groves and caves, and meet the most beautiful tree in Finland. Travel with us from the Åland Islands, across the Nordic archipelago’s seashores and dunes, to mysteries of lake of Saimaa. Join us as we follow The Kalevala’s origins; climb to the top of Pyhä-Nattanen, the Mountain of Gods; and explore some of the many sacred sites of Finnish Lapland.

Back to Nature Finland book is a calming, relaxing experience throughout Finnish nature, with a touch of ancient wisdom and mythology and local history.

The book presents 24 beautiful travel locations in Finnish nature. It reveals stories about Finnish mythology related to those locations, and provides delicious local food tips to enjoy when visiting.

The original Finnish book titled Metsien Kätkemä was based on the tv series by the same name.

Published: March 2022
288 pages, printed in Finland

ISBN 978-952-69866-0-9 (book)
ISBN 978-952-69866-1-6 (EPUB)